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It is so important to choose the best professionals for a home remodeling project. Whether you’re getting ready to sell or want to update your home, the right skills and personality of the contractor can make the difference. But did you know the way you work with contractors can also influence your project’s outcome? Homeowners typically fall into three categories when it comes to how they work with contractors and other remodeling professionals.  Which one are you?

The hands-off homeowner trusts their contractor to manage the project and make good decisions. Contractors generally like this approach because it frees them to complete the job as they see fit. However, if the hands-off approach goes too far, it can hinder decision-making and slow down the timetable. When “laid back” crosses over to “indecisive,” project delays can easily crop up, leading to budget overruns and other problems.

The manager likes to follow the big-picture aspects of overseeing the project. This might include tracking finances, reviewing records and regularly checking in on the progress. If this is you, be careful not to overstep and impede the project. Remember, you hired these professionals because you trusted them to do the job. Upfront due diligence usually pays off.

The micromanager focuses on the smallest aspects of a project. It’s important to keep an eye on the details, but over-involvement isn’t helpful to the contractor or the other workers. If taken too far, micromanaging can cause delays because it’s hard to finish the work and keep on schedule when frequent change orders are being requested.

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