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Are you wondering whether you should Rent or Buy a Home?

Consider the following:


When You Rent, You Face Rising Rental Costs:

Your monthly payment generally goes up each time you sign or renew a lease.  For most renters, this is annually.

When You Buy, You Stabalize Your Housing Costs:

Your monthly payment is locked in for the length of your loan.  This is usually 15 – 30 years.



When You Rent, You Don’t Earn Any Financial Beneffits:

Rising rents put a pinch on your wallet.  You don’t get a return on your investment.

When You Buy, You Own a Tangible Asset:

Any home price appreciation helps grow the value of your home.



When You Rent, You Limit Your Ability To Save:

As rents rise, it can be harder to save for a down payment and buy a home in the future.

When You Buy, You Grow Your Net Worth:

Your payments and price appreciation build equity and your net worth over time.


If you want to learn more about the benefits of homeownership, let’s connect today.  Contact Moon Township Realtors at the Diane McConaghy Team with REMAX Select Realty today to explore all the options in our local market – and beyond – so you can achieve your homeownership dreams.

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