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why should i use a buyer agent to purchase a home?

Question for the day. Why should I use a buyer agent to purchase a home instead of the listing agent?
The listing agent is ALWAYS negotiates on behalf of the seller. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who is negotiating on your behalf?
You may think that I can’t answer questions about the home. I’ve never had a question asked by a buyer that I wasn’t able to get an answer for. We simply contact the listing agent after the tour and then provide the buyer with the answers to their questions.
Many home buyers think that they can negotiate a lower commission if they work with the listing agent. Guess what, the commission has already been established and made a part of the listing contract and made public in the MLS. In all of our years in real estate, we’ve never negotiated commissions on behalf of the buyer.
It all boils down to this. Before touring and throughout the touring process, a good buyer agent will LISTEN and learn your needs and provide direction and support about what you’re looking for and not waste your time by taking you to homes that don’t meet your criteria.
My team actually provides home buyers with an estimate on a home’s value prior to placing an offer. So, we can tell you if we think the home is overpriced. A listing agent will NEVER do that.
Less than 6% of the 1.5 million agents in the US sell their own listings. That means that 94% of the buyers are using buyer agents. We must be doing something right.
We are in an industry of cooperation and selling. Ultimately, home buyers need a trusted advisor.
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