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Should I Use Zillow as an Accurate Evaluation of My Home’s Value

Would you marry someone without ever seeing them or actually getting to know them personally? Would you ever go on an app and just like their picture and ask them to marry you? Would you ever compare someone that you wanted to marry to their friends and agree to marry them based upon how their friends look or act without ever meeting them? Of course you wouldn’t.  That would be crazy.  We can’t possibly judge a person’s character based upon their friends.

Hi everyone, I’m Diane McConaghy, Realtor and Associate Broker with Remax Select Realty and the Diane McConaghy Team.

Marrying somebody without seeing them is just like trusting Zillow to value your home.  Zillow is an algorithm and they get their information from public data.  It’s a computer.  Zillow has never seen the inside of your home and they come up with the value of your home based upon what your neighbors homes are selling for.  It’s just like marrying someone based upon their friends.

Zillow look at things like size of the home, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and the lot size, and they compare them to your neighbors.  But, they cannot take into consideration major things like upgrades, views, location, amenities, and the desireability of the market.

A computer cannot take those major features into consideration when giving you a value or a Zestimate..  And ALL of these factors have a huge impact on the value of your home and what you should actually list it for.

My team will take a detailed look at comparables and many other factors in determining what to list your home for.

Relyng on Zillow for the value of your home is the exact same thing as relying on a picture to choose your mate. Maybe you should have swiped left instead of right.

Call a professional who has the experience and the ability to assess the value of your home based upon taking everything into consideration.

If you’re wanting a more accurate analysis of the value of your home, call us and we can get you a custom market proposal from a real live person who lives, works and breathes real estate full time. 

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