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Home Selling Process: PreInspections

Why should you consider having inspections done prior to listing your home on the market. In our area is it customary for the buyer to pay for inspections. But when would it be advantageous for a you as the seller to do inspections prior to putting your house on the market.
We don’t always recommend this, but there are a few examples as to why having inspections done prior to listing is helpful.  Ultimately, it can end up saving you time and money!
As a seller you want to be aware of the condition of your property and we don’t want any unexpected costs to come up that you weren’t aware of, after you have already accepted an offer from a buyer to purchase your home.
Let’s say you found out that the home you’re selling needed a new roof or an air conditioning unit to be replaced or some plumbing or electrical work. You could do a few things.  Sell the home “As Is’ and disclose the issues, not sell at all, or take what needs to be done and fix it.
The idea behind getting inspections done prior to listing is so that there are no unexpected surprises that could financially hurt you later. We want the seller to be aware of any additional expenses that could possibly arise from the sale of their home.
The inspections we recommend are the standard, customary inspections that a buyer would do.
Getting the inspections done prior to listing your home for sale helps the seller because they have much more assurance that they will actually “net” what it is that they thought they were going to instead of having to renegotiate the price or concessions after the price has been agreed upon in the initial contract.
Prelisting inspections sometimes help the buyer feel more confident that they are buying a sound home that is in move in ready condition.  Many times, if a home is pre-inspected, the buyer will forego additional inspections.
To wrap it up,sellers, buyers and lenders have more confidence throughout the entire transaction that the home will actually close.
Contact us today if you want more details on the prelisting inspection process or any other information that you may need about selling your home.  We’re here to help and we’re all about Moving Right Along.

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