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FSBO Security Checklist

  • Do Not show your home when you are alone.
  • Require identification from prospective buyers.
  • If you are showing your home and the doorbell rings or the phone rings, do not leave the stranger alone.
  • Restrain your pets during showings.
  • Ensure any weapons and medications are secured and locked up.
  • Ensure you have liability insurance in case of accidents.
  • Secure any cash in your home.
  • Do Not keep valuables or jewelry in plain view.
  • Remove all personal items and photographs from view.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked at all times.
  • If more than one buyer is touring the home, make sure they do Not split up.
  • If you have a security system mention it, but don’t show anyone your system.
  • Have emergency numbers on hand (911, fire police)
  • Ensure all paths, walkways and stairs are cleaned and railings are secured.

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